Williams' Sea Symphony: Altanta Symphony (TELARC 2001)
Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

- I have added lyrics and page numbers to the indexes to make it easy to find each section you want to practice.
- CD Liner notes are interesting and helpful: Telarc CD / EMI CD.

1. When you click on a Rehearsal #, the .mp4 clip will display in the same window.

a. Each clip stops at a natural break.
b. To play the clip again, just refresh the window.
c. To continue beyond the clip, just click the [Play] arrow/button.
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2. If you download both the html and mp4 files to the same directory you can run them on your computer.

3. You can open these short video clips here with just a click. Please tell me what other pages you want me to add. I u And for the soul of man p21-25,
I y Token of all that went down p30-31
I z Emblem of man p34-35
II i All souls, All nations p52-53
III a After the seaship p58-60
IV u Away O soul! p107-110
4. These videos were built from scratch by merging CD recordings with scans of our score pages using NCH Videopad Pro

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London Philharmonic (EMI 1989) YouTube version
- Index matching video to score: Click on a Rehearsal #: SeaSymphony.htm
- You can drag this video to a separate window to see both index and video at the same time.
- Unfortunately this has only moderate audio and minimal video quality and includes disruptive ads.