This site is maintained so that people can easily post and update information and announcements in a single place where everyone readily knows to look.

This is a place to post announcements of regular event including pointers to signups and contact people. We can set you up to post your own events or add pointers to Facebook, etc.
  • There is a very active weekly Friday tech racing. Grab a racing sail and a boat and just show up for fun and camaraderie. Did we hear correctly that the Friday Social is free for those who raced that night?
  • Click here for the weekly Sustainability Cruises pages.
  • Matthew Hemke proposes a summer long keelboat events program:
    • I've always wanted to keep some sort of summer-long "points total" with some prize for the most points achieved by the end of October. You could make some points scale based on how you finish in club races (in any boat in an inter-club race) and record results and give a prize to whomever has the most points at the end of the summer.
    • This would not only encourage racing, but racing in every boat.
    • The prize would have to be significant enough to entice people to race, but not enough to break any one's budget (including hoofer's).
    • Perhaps it could be something like beer league softball where everyone who wants to participate in the points tally puts in $5 and the person with the most points at the end of the summer wins a portion of the pot or some other prize??
    • I would skip the food at the Friday social if there were a good enough prize at the end of the summer.... And if you get enough people racing, there will be more complaints about no food when they come in so the food will start to move later ;-)

      My two cents. -Matt

  There are a lot of factions in a big club like the Hoofer Sailing Club (HSC) leading to inevitable politics over private control of public property. web pages are being provided as an independent host for members to easily...
  • advertise and promote activities, programs, events, meetings, trips, etc.
  • communicate openly and honestly about common issues and concerns
in a forum that is not dominated or controlled by usually well-intentioned but instrinsically biased and politically motivated interest groups, such as...
  • Union Employees
  • Board of Captains (BOC)
  • Paid Instructors
  • Volunteer Instructors
  • Heavy Keelboat Sailors
  • Cruising Keelboat Sailors
  • J-Fleet Sailors
  • MYC racers
  • Undergrad Racing Team
  • Boat Repair Center
We will start by organizing a governance group to draft a charter and to provide leadership and oversight for web pages and maillists. Please let Mulder know if you would like to take part.

Note that windsurfers, scow sailors and club racers were intentially omitted from the above list. They appear to be typically too madly engrossed in the excitement of their craft to have time or energy for politics...
See you out there! And let me know if you want me to tell THEM to get back to you. Suggestions for additions/changes are welcome